We have changed. After the lockdown we won’t go back, won’t do business as usual. Conferences and seminars are shifting from the hotels and conference centers to cyberspace. At least hybrid events (offline and online) will be the new normal. Thereby the civil society across the world will have to adapt. Or they loose their influence.

Webinar Screenshot
Focused on participants using Zoom.us: Facilitator Olaf Kellerhoff

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) has recognized it. And even more: IDEAS sees now new chances for a bigger outreach. With a short two half-day live Digital Workshop members investigated platforms. They searched with the facilitator for equipment. And came up with new logistic planning.

Mindmapping methods of engagement with coggle.
Jointly mind mapping (with Coogle) different methods of engagement.

For getting more followers, members and supporters effective tools of the business world can be employed. Proven online marketing ways shouldn’t be only reserved for making money. The same ways can help actors of the civil society, too. Good chances in bad times.

And despite the fact that IDEAS is a very experienced and established organization goal setting, target audience analysis and planning could be improved to the new normal. Not least because of the necessity to use new methods of engagement on the screen or customize proven ones.