We always want to do the right thing. But sometimes there is just not enough time for it. And then these things turn from important and not so urgent to urgent. Doing more online events, exploring the opportunities of the internet for civil society was in mind of many civil society organizations. However, being busy with all the good work it got postponed. Until now, with the COVID-19 crisis online events were the only place to go to. Now, we suddenly need a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to reach out. Now, online marketing is the way to get participants.

Often it takes years to build up an email list. Learning the tools of the trade takes time, too. Getting the right equipment is also not so easy when shops are closed. So, that’s the right moment to speed up – after all others might be ahead. With a compressed two half-days digital workshop TheWorkshopLeader.com (TWL) prepared members of the LEadership And Development (LEAD) in Malaysia to catch up and to run successful online events.

Leading questions for choosing a digital workshop platform or conference tools.

In a small group setting the interaction could be intensive. It gave time and space of questions and discussions. So that finally the participants felt confident to facilitate their own live events in the future. From now onwards the LEAD will change event formats to online and hybrid events in order to strengthen their outreach and making a meaningful impact in Malaysia’s society.

New IDEAS for civil society

The civil society across the world will adapt. Or they loose their influence. The Institut for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) graps the chance for greater outreach with online events

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